Tim Flach: Endangered

“Never before has it been so important to connect people with nature
— our future depends on it.”
endangered shoebill
Endangered Panda
Endangered Orangutan Hand
Endangered Philippine Eagle
Endangered hippo underwater
Endangered cover

Endangered is a deeply thought-provoking combination of insightful text and extraordinary images by acclaimed photographer Tim Flach. The last male northern white rhino looks us square in the eye; the critically endangered saiga antelope-impossible to find in captivity-is photographed, at last, on the Northwest Caspian steppe; hammerhead sharks circle off the Galapagos Islands-threatening, yet threatened themselves by the shark-fin trade. Each photograph represents countless moments of suspense and labor, as well as research, persistence, and the artistic and technical skill honed over a master photographer's professional lifetime.

Flach's collaborators on this project include many of the world's leading conservationists. Among them is Professor Jonathan Baillie, the chief scientist at the National Geographic Society and former director of conservation programs at the Zoological Society of London. His thoughtful commentary introduces and concludes this timely, provocative book.

Flach's images are juxtaposed with a compelling narrative that highlights the realities faced by the species his images capture and that, above all, reveals the heartbreakingly fast pace of change our natural world is experiencing.

The result of an ambitious multiyear project, Endangered is the embodiment of Flach's hope that his work will inspire, challenge, and inform-that we might use this book as a springboard for positive action.

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